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During his participation in the Conference via Videoconference, Minister of Higher Education Commends the Success of Tanta University Virtual Conference to Confront Coronavirus

  • May 30, 2020

He gave instruction to organize international conference at Tanta University to discuss the future of higher education after the pandemic.

Prof. Magdi Sab', "We take pride in the task assigned to us as for organizing a conference to discuss the future of universities after coronavirus and we are going to organize it in August."

Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, participated yesterday via videoconference in the 1st virtual conference at Tanta University entitled "Scientific Research Confronting COVID-19 & Future of the World after this Pandemic". The minister commended the conference and the great effort exerted by the University to organize it, especially in the light of the difficult conditions of coronavirus crisis. Moreover, he commended the choice of the University of this particular time to hold the conference to counteract the virus.

The minister added that the topic of the conference is new as it tackles the impact of coronavirus on the medical sector and the economic, social and psychological impacts of the pandemic as well as the future of the world after the virus.

Prof. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar stated that the questions about coronavirus have become much more than the answers. Every day we hear about a new therapy plan.

Every day some treatments, that were used when there was no definitive therapy, are changed. Thus, the drugs change every day and the diagnosis itself changes, so does the definition of the disease.

About the future of higher education after coronavirus crisis, the minister asked whether the form of universities would remain the same after the end of corona pandemic, or the whole lifestyle would change, what is the impact of the economic crisis on some universities in the world, would some of them review its curricula taught in the traditional way, and what would happen to millions of international students who move around the world.

After the success of the 1st virtual conference of Tanta University, the minister suggested that Tanta University organizes a virtual international conference on "Higher Education after the Pandemic" at the beginning of the new academic year with participation of scientists from different states of the world to reach applied ideas and to discuss the future of universities after the virus.

For his part, Prof. Magdi Sab', Minister of Higher Education,

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