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Prof. Magdi Sab', "Participation of 32 Senior Scientists from Foreign and Arab States in the 1st Virtual Conference to Confront Novel Coronavirus

  • May 20, 2020

Prof. Kamal 'Okasha, "Novel coronavirus is a global challenge that requires solidarity of all efforts to face it"

Tanta University holds the conference entitled "Scientific Research Confronting COVID-19 & Future of the World after this Pandemic" for two days, May 17 and 18, 2020, with participation of 32 senior scientists from foreign and Arab states to exchange experience and scientific research in areas of diagnosis, treatment and modern applied research and to enhance mutual international scientific cooperation so as to confront the virus that broke out across the world.

For his part, Prof. Magdi Sab', Tanta University President, has affirmed that the conference allows researchers and scholars around the world to participate in order to learn about the challenges facing the pandemic and to monitor the impact of this global crisis on social, psychological and economic conditions, and ways of confrontation as well as studying the future of the world after elimination of the virus. Furthermore, the conference will be followed up by thousands of interested people.

Moreover, Prof. Kamal 'Okasha, University Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research, has added that the conference aims basically to enable the individual and community to confront it, to activate the cognitive role so that it can be a productive and efficient behavior as for solutions and confrontation. It aims also to enhance the relation between the individual and community, to support the role of the state with all its organizations in curbing the virus and to study its consequences in the world predicted in all fields and at all levels of human activities, particularly the economic, psychological and educational ones.

In the same context, Prof. Rania Al-Kilany, Rapporteur of the Conference, has asserted that work of the conference organizing committee is in full swing to finish all preparations. She has indicated that the official site of the conference is ready for registration of researchers and

scholars from all around the world who would like to attend the conference that is held virtually.

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